What are the benefits of using GeriMedRisk?
  • Rapid access to an interdisciplinary team of geriatric specialists (from geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, geriatric pharmacy, and clinical pharmacology) through phone, eConsult and fax

  • Response with a median of 5 business days

  • Pharmacy team conducts comprehensive best possible medication  history and thorough medication review

  • Consult letter and tailored geriatric drug information provided to enhance practice and professional development

What are your hours of operation?

Our clinical service operates Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00pm ET. You can consult us on eConsult at any time, and we will respond within 5 business days.

Who can consult GeriMedRisk?

GeriMedRisk is a clinical resource for clinicians and is available to prescribers (physicians, nurse practitioners, specialists) or their clinical delegates. Allied health care providers (including pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants or other clinicians) can also consult GeriMedRisk in partnership and with consent of the prescriber.

What are some examples of questions that I can ask?
  • We can answer patient- related questions including:

  • Could this (these) medication(s) be affecting my patient’s cognition, behaviour, function and/or mobility?

  • What medications can I use to manage my patient’s mood or behavioral concerns?

  • How can I optimize my patient’s medications?

  • I have reviewed my patient’s medications, and know that several should be stopped. I just want to run these changes and the deprescribing plan with someone experienced in geriatric pharmacology.

  • Did my patient experience an adverse drug reaction or is there a drug-drug interaction? What are some alternatives?

What is your referral criteria?

GeriMedRisk can provide consults for older adults across Ontario regardless of provider or patient location.

Referral must be initiated by physician, nurse practitioner or their clinical delegate

Patient must have a MD or NP following them

In-person or video visit required with patient

If a patient is imminently acute or if a response is required immediately, or on a weekend  (not 24/7 access)

 If you have questions about consult eligibility, please call 1 (855) 261-0508.

How is your consult service different from others?

Our recommendations are comprehensive.  We provide options, tools and resources to support you in implementing interventions that are patient-centred by:

  • performing a thorough review of all information sources available including Ontario electronic health records;

  • connecting with your patient to gather a best possible medication history and experience;

  • providing pharmacological and non-pharmacological options;

  • providing recommendations that complement current specialists already involved in your patient’s care;

  • providing referral suggestions specific to your local area where possible;

  • providing recommendations that may help you with making a diagnosis;

  • providing recommendations from our interdisciplinary team that complement each other;

  • providing a complete medication review for all drugs your patient is taking based on effectiveness, side effects, drug interactions and compliance;

  • providing a service available at no cost to the referrer (no physician billing number is required)

With additional specialists on your team, will I receive multiple conflicting consult letters?

No. At GeriMedRisk, we understand that having multiple prescribers can increase the risk of adverse drug events. As a result, we send back one coordinated consult letter with clinical agreement from all the specialists on our team.

How do you include the patient’s circle of care?

During each patient related consult, GeriMedRisk communicates with the patient’s pharmacy and consults available electronic medical record resources. We connect with the patient’s MRP, and consult letters can be shared between other care providers, where appropriate, to ensure continuity of care for the patient.

Do you offer any other educational opportunities?

Yes, GeriMedRisk hosts monthly GeriMedRisk- Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology Rounds on topics in safe prescribing. GeriMedRisk-Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology Rounds is a self-approved group learning activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification program of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. To learn more please, please join our mailing list at

We also offer GeriMedRisk educational electives for medical trainees and pharmacy students to have the opportunity to come train with us on location, and through the use of telemedicine. GeriMedRisk also offers a GeriMedRisk Clinical Fellowship through the McMaster University Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences department.

How is GeriMedRisk funded?

We are a non-profit service that receives funding support from the Ministry of Health and Waterloo Wellington LHIN, and through grants and partnerships with other non-profit organizations.