What does GeriMedRisk offer?
  • Rapid access to an interdisciplinary team of geriatric specialists through phone and eConsult
  • Pharmacy team conducts comprehensive best possible medication history
  • Response with a median of 5 business days

  • Consult letter and tailored geriatric drug information provided to enhance practice and professional development


Why might I refer to GeriMedRisk for a consult?
  • Troubleshoot complex physical and mental health conditions. This may be while the patient is awaiting in-person support from Specialized Geriatric Services
  • Optimize medications or to develop a deprescribing plan

  • Identify drug interactions and adverse drug events

  • Receive information about drug-specific adverse drug events


How has GeriMedRisk helped clinicians like me?
  • Primary care practitioners can receive a potential course of treatment/action and save their patients weeks or months of waiting for a specialist when an in-person referral is unnecessary. For example:
  • Nurse practitioner consults GeriMedRisk for the management of a patient with dementia and behavioural symptoms.
  • Pharmacists can leverage specialists in geriatric pharmacy and clinical pharmacology to optimize medications.
  • Specialist physicians can access a timely second opinion from diverse specialists in geriatric psychiatry, geriatric medicine, clinical pharmacology, and geriatric pharmacy to avoid adverse drug events when prescribing. For example:
    • Psychiatrist consults GeriMedRisk about drug interactions between a patient’s chemotherapeutic agents and antidepressants.
    • Geriatrician consults GeriMedRisk for the management of a patient with treatment-resistant depression[PH1].