GeriMedRisk: A Model for Integrated Care

GeriMedRisk is a non-profit virtual clinical service that connects Ontario physicians, nurse practitioners or allied health professionals* with geriatric specialists to optimize medications, physical and mental health conditions in older adults. Our interdisciplinary team of specialists from geriatric psychiatry, geriatric medicine, clinical pharmacology, and geriatric pharmacy work collaboratively to answer clinicians’ questions via telephone, fax and eConsult. We provide patient specific consultations and relevant educational materials to the referring clinician.



Prescriber (doctor, nurse practitioner, specialist) or allied health care professional* identifies medication, mental health or physical concern in their patient.

Consult is made to GeriMedRisk via central intake referral, eConsult, phone, or fax.


GeriMedRisk team reviews consult question, medical records, and conducts a best possible medication history with patient/caregiver.

A single, integrated consult note and relevant educational materials are sent back to the referring clinician.

  *Includes pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants or other clinicians in partnership and with the consent of the prescriber